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Chemo”Therapy” & Kambo “Ceremony”

You Will Go Through Hell For These Plants. You Will Always Be Healed and Protected

The first day that I came in to begin my Chemo poisoning, I sat across from a woman. Must have been in late 50’s maybe early 60’s. We started to have a conversation about how she had cancer, how it went away after treating but it then came back now 6 years later. At the time, hearing this, I of course was happy that she was free for 6 years but at the same time, I was not thrilled about having to come back. I didn’t want my life to be determined by how long I survive cancer. However, being convinced this was the only option, I reluctantly began the treatments. For months, I had to have some “artificial device” or Port surgically installed above my right chest muscle. The Port caused a huge bulge under my skin causing a nasty looking deformity to stick out. It was very uncomfortable but the most heart-breaking was the fact that I was not able to really hug my two baby girls Lily 7 and Gianna 4 without fear. I lived in a constant state of worry that I would either hurt myself as the damn thing stayed sore pretty much 24/7 or that I would somehow poison them from being so toxic from the 5 “newer” medications being prescribed.

Later on would learn after getting private BCBS insurance that based on the type of cancer, where it was located and current rates of success treating, there were other treatment options not so aggressive and risky. Unfortunately, no other options were brought to my attention for consideration until my first screening 4 months after walking out when I went in for Pet Scan and bloodwork to see if there was any sign of the cancer remaining. This new Physician looked at my chart. She said, my goodness, I would have never given you that Chemotherapy protocol as those medications have much greater risks and side effects. (A Medicaid Protocol) ENOUGH SAID…

Doc went on to say “I would have simply given you one pill a day, it would have went away. It would have come back in “6 years” but we we would just treat again”. When I heard this, first I was just shocked. Are you serious? You guys have this shit down to a science. Heal me. Get sick again and repeat over and over. Cha Ching Cha Ching. Jesus! Then I remembered the older lady sitting there exactly “6 years later” for yet another round.

This is my story of how I went from Chemo “therapy” to a Kambo “ceremony”, saving my life then radically transforming it!

Let me first say, I was 250lbs. I had sleep apnea. I was smoking cigarettes and binge drinking and at the same time trying to keep a roof over my families head while healing in Ayahuasca ceremonies about every 3 months. I was a stay at home and work from home Father of 2 little girls and my ex-wife was working at Amazon 40-60 hours a week. I was in the processing of opening a substance abuse rehab center called Restore Health KY, INC and everything at the time seemed like a real uphill battle.

However, this is when SPIRIT led me online through Facebook to an Alchemist who was located in Pennsylvania. He was able to bring about a very special, very concentrated shot glass version of San Pedro infused with Psilocybin. Now normally, San Pedro is very hard to get down. And even when mixed with OJ, it is still a full glass of thick greenish sludge that you just have to down in a few gulps in order to consume enough of the Sacred Plant Medicine. During this very special San Pedro / Psilocybin ceremony, I found myself before the throne. It was a massive, with an altar that had such an ancient and majestic look and feel. At this point, I was traveling into another realm. Even with eyes open and fully conscious, I was here and I was there. I knew I was now in SPIRIT. And this is when it happened. This is when my entire life changed. This is when I began to really trust Plant SPIRIT Teacher medicines with my life!


At this moment in time, everything stopped, nothing else existed. This is the moment in time when I became aware of Asclepius, the God of Healing as he presented himself in the form of a Great Serpent of Light. His presence was extremely powerful, all encompassing with a spectacular Cobra’s hood that seemed to be majestically scaled in layers of colorful light. The magical scales seemly transformed indefinitely by unseen or these colors that Ive never seen before.

Intuitively, I heard loud and clear as if spoken from this Spirit-beings soul to my own “You will go through hell for these plants but you will always be healed and protected“.

WOW & WOW. ! I heard it. Simultaneously, I was jacked with energy. Felt like I was 15-16 again. Young. Strong. Healed! I felt the pure healing energy rushing through my veins and into my very cells healing me instantly. I apologize but to try and explain this, I am humbled and find it to be an impossible task. I don’t believe I will ever be able to truly explain the unexplainable. This special moment in time, in the universe when God allowed me to experience a layer of “enlightenment” “a miracle healing” “download of divine wisdom”. I AM truly grateful for my life here on Earth but more so am I grateful for my Eternal Life beyond the stars.

After hearing and feeling the message of divine healing from the Great Serpent / Asclepius, God of Healing, every cell in my body, my heart, and my mind, they all became in agreement with my SPIRIT. I was no longer to follow the path of Chemo poisoning. There was absolutely, no way, no matter what anyone said, that I was going to allow this “Practicing Physician “to flood my body 4 more times 5 very new and extremely poisonous chemo drugs. I mean, come on, think about it for a minute. Let’s kill all the cancer cells and hope that we don’t destroy our mind, body and heart and soul in the process killing all the health cells as well. That didn’t make sense to me then. Still doesn’t!

After receiving this message of healing from the Great SPIRIT, I was taken elsewhere. In the next portion of the journey, I was shown the modern version of today’s medical symbol or the Caduceus with intertwining snakes wrapped around the staff. Only the vision I had showed the snake on the right fading away into the darkness and intuitively I knew this was important and would play into the whole scheme of things. attention to that. At this point, I must have feel asleep. The next day was just one day before my 3rd session of Chemo. I woke up early and began to research the symbol I seen and I was blown away at what I had found. Turns out, Asclepius, the God of Healing, that was the snake on the left. Hermes is credited god of Travel or Commerce with the staff and two snakes. From what I read, this confusion seems to be uniquely American and driven largely by commercialization. However, at this point, I KNEW what I needed to do. I needed to follow the one on the left which symbolized a natural healing path and discontinue ChemoTherapy or the man-made path of using poisons to bring about life.

I was fully convinced when I found the “Modern Version” of Hippocrate Oath and compared it to the “Original Version”.

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First line of The Original Oath

“I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses, that, according to my ability and judgement, I will keep this Oath and this contract:

First line of the Modern Version

“I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

Stay With Pack, Take Their Advice or Head Down The Road Less Traveled?

I could see that just by the opening lines, there was a major difference. A reliance on SPIRIT vs a reliance on Man…So as I read more about the medical industry and the roles corporations/pharmaceutical companies have played in our lives throughout history, I became more and more aware of the shift that has taken place from a holistic, spiritually grounded society into today’s modern, 10 Trillion dollar Global Healthcare “system” or Healthcare “market”, treating symptoms while masking root causes for greater profit returns down the line repeating treatments.

More and more my conviction grew. I began to talk to my now ex-wife about not continuing with Chemo as I felt and knew SPIRIT has healed me and that if I did continue, I would only be poisoning myself, killing healthy cells and setting myself up to get a cancer later in life that was not treatable. I spoke to my business partner who was also a Doctor and she did not concur with my belief or direction. My parents, friends, colleagues, they all said the same thing. Matthew, you have to do the Chemo treatments, otherwise, you are going to die. However, nothing inside me believed this especially after coming face to face with the Serpent of Light, feeling healed and then SPIRIT teaching me the following day about our true beginnings or our deeply rooted belief in God’s Divine Healing.

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The Day I Walked Out

Despite friends, family and doctors all telling me that I must continue with 4 more treatments Chemo, I decided that I would simply go in, get tested and see if what I was told, what I believed was true. However, upon arrival, I met with the Doctor. He reminded me of Mr. Smith from the Matrix. Dark complexion. A mysterious feel to him. Mechanical or programmed. Now, I understand that insurance companies dictate treatment but this guy, he seemed to take it personal. I informed him that in addition to radically changing my lifestyle, I was self-administering Kambo either dry dot ceremonies or full purge sessions. I was walking multiple times day for miles and eating plant based meals to keep stress down and immune system up, I told him that I had had a mystical experience and I believed I was healed.

However, despite my valiant effort, he on the other hand was adamant about not retesting until all 6 Chemo poisonings had been completed. We went back and forth. Me trying to convince him that there was no cancer and a test would not hurt. Him trying to convince me that I had to do a total of 6 sessions but we could test after one more dose of Chemo. As I said, I was not going to allow another ounce of poison in me. So instead, I kept fighting with him to test now. He then threatened to refer me out to someone else if not willing to following his treatment methods. But in the midst of this great debate, he said something. He asked me, what if the cancer comes back? And my Spirit rose up inside me and said, that means it is fucking gone. I stood up. I said, I am done. I walked out. I got in an Uber and the driver had a very well read black bible. I felt some relief from that sign. Then when I came home and got a phone call from Joy, my ex. She said we have to go look at a house. She said it was the one we didn’t want to go look at as the pictures were terrible. We arrived at the home. It had a beautiful tall reddish Chinese maple bonsai tree in the front yard and tall Kings Castle style fence around the backyard. It was a cute little Jack and Jill with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths and each room was like a circle or had two entrances/exits. Pretty wild design. The backyard, ideal for little ones and perfect for ceremonies…

The next part was SPIRIT. We walked in and I seen in very large gold lettering on the maroon kitchen wall.


WOW&WOW This scripture got me through my brothers overdose, time away locked up, rehabs, and all sorts of sleepless nights when I was once strung out on cocaine or alcohol many moons ago.

The house was not within our price range. It was 205,000 and we had 190,000. We went home and within an hour, we got a call telling us that we had got the home. The owners came down on the price and not only that, they left us the picnic table, patio furniture, law mower and tree swing as well as brand new commercial size washer and dryer.


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