kambo sapo frog amazonian medicine

What is Kambo?

Kambo, also known as Sapo (“Toad” in Spanish), Dow-Kiet (“Frog” in the language of the Matses tribe of Peru), and known by its scientific name Phyllomedusa Bicolor, is a large green tree frog from the upper Amazon rainforest.  The origins of Kambo go back thousands of years within Brazilian, Colombian, and Peruvian tribal settings. The milky skin secretion that the frog produces on its back acts as medicine to us humans however, its poisonous to other mammals and reptiles leaving it with few natural predators. The venom that protects the Kambo frog in the jungle has many potential benefits to people around the world, which is why Kambo is gaining popularity in the treatment and management of many conditions and ailments.

Kambo is legal here in the United States, as well as all other countries, and it is not hallucinogenic. Kambo is a deep cleansing therapy- physically, emotionally, and mentally, it cleanses and detoxifies the liver, intestines and skin. This medicine has potent anti- inflammatory and pain-reducing properties.  In fact, one compound in the secretion is 40 times stronger than morphine.

amazonian kambo sapo frog medicine

SPIRIT Medicine

Kambo not only works on a physical level but also works on a spiritual level. It forces us to go deep within connecting and having a deeper understanding of our emotions. It brings suppressed emotions up to the surface to be seen, teaching us to acknowledge them, release them, and heal them. 

Frog is a great teacher. It teaches us to keep jumping ahead and move forward on our paths. It reminds us to cleanse, renew, nurture, and fill ourselves up. It’s also the universal symbol of the embracing of personal power.

amazonian kambo sapo frog medicine

When we begin peeling back our layers and removing blockages we can then come back into balance and realign with our highest self, the Divine.

The innate spirit within Kambo is very intelligent , it knows where there is work to be done and on what levels.  It has its own unique way of breaking through blockages and dis-ease in the body, mind, and spirit.  Asking only for us to trust and to surrender as it works in and through us. Each and every experience with Kambo will be different, and each time it will reveal new perspectives, insights and healing!

amazonian kambo sapo frog medicine

How was Kambo Discovered?

The legend of how this magical frog medicine was discovered should strengthen your belief in SPIRIT! It is said that the medicine man, shaman, pajé known as Kampum, of the Kaxinawa tribe in Brazil, had exhausted all known resources of healing the tribe members when an illness fell upon the village. He ventured out into the forest after taking a sacred plant medicine and was visited by a female spirit holding a frog in her hands. She then showed him how to extract the milky secretion from the frog’s back and how to administer it. He took this knowledge back to his village and treated the people of the village with success. When Kampum passed years later his spirit passed into the spirit of the frog, which became known as Kambo. There is a shift occurring, more and more people are seeking alternative paths to healing and looking for deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. Kambo is an important part of this shift.

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