Jesus is LORD

All Things Through CHRIST…

I Can Do All Things Through CHRIST who strengthens me.

My promise and my reward!

When I was doing chemo, I knew it was wrong for me. But it was not until a medicine man came to my home and shared the Sacred SPIRIT Sacraments San Pedro and Psilocybin that I knew I had to stop chemo immediately, right before the 3rd session. A serpent of LIGHT, what I now know was the Serpent King – CHRIST who came to me just after entering the Throne Room. He was layered in light and colors and intuitively spoke to me “You will go through hell for these plants but you will always be healed and protected.” Instantly I felt this tremendous burst of energy resonating in all my cells as I formed a fist and held on as I was being healed from the cancer. The following day after researching some of the visions I was shown, I told the doctor I was healed and I wanted to be tested. He got upset and referred me out. It was very strange. For more details about this, check out the full story here. Kambo vs Chemo

About an hour after I left the cancer center, we went to look at this home. It was a beautiful Jack and Jill that we never wanted to see as the photos online were terrible. However, when we got there and walked in and seen I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me, we just knew this was the home for us. But with 205,000 as the asking and our loan only 190,000, we needed a miracle. At this point, I have to admit, I was doubtful. 15,000 and the home was 10 times nicer than all the others we wanted. I mean, you have to understand, for over a year, we had put offers in on just about every house in the neighborhood, even wrote heartfelt letters to the owners.

Full story is available so I will save you some suspense, we left the house and arrived back home to our small two bedroom apartment which was getting very crowded and very old looking and feeling. Depressing after 5 years. But ton of great memories, raised two girls, but just time! Within 1 hour the realtor called to tell us that we were given the home, washer, dryer, even the lawn mover, picnic table, tree swing and patio furniture as well as a refrigerator that took some time to figure out how to open lmao.

Guys, all I can say is this…no matter what man tells you. FOLLOW THE LORD, FOLLOW YOUR HEART…even when it is not recommended or goes against public opinion and stigmas. HE WILL REWARD YOU!

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