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SPIRIT Saved my Life Using Sacred Sacrament Kambo

SPIRIT SAVED MY LIFE! WITHOUT A DOUBT. It may have been San Pedro that SPIRIT used to send me a divine message from Serpent of Light with divine message – You are Healed and Protected! It was Kambo and the use of Dry Dot Kambo that I know has saved my life and kept the cancer gone. Eradicated. Jesus said, I am the gate. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will come in and go out and find pasture. John 10:9 The (Medicine Woman Xiomara at Mamma Kambo in Titusville, Florida) applied 12 gates in this ceremony. Prior to this Kambo ceremony SPIRIT initiated me with 15 gates. Praise the Lord for sending people to help me save my life and transform my soul.. I was very sick, 70 lbs overweight, had cancer and was suffering from my bad lifestyle choices.

Read Full Story Here. I am 180lbs now and cancer free!


This video was 3 years ago. Fast forward to a recent Sacred Toad or Bufo Alvarius ceremony where I came to understand that I needed to quickly add 3 dots or gates of Kambo to the back of my neck to complete a very ancient & sacred healing process, a Sacred Ritual to purge myself of the remaining impure spirits within / addiction / ego within to be completely unplugged, awakened, HEALED, PROTECTED, FREE IN CHRIST once and for all. This was shown to me as The Sacred Way or The Narrow Path. In the past, I have used a dot of Kambo then consumed the Sacred Bufo Sacrament. That was a breadcrumb that led me to this new revelation. I know in all my heart, mind, soul and strength, that this is THE SACRED WAY. This is how we HEAL ourselves and break free from the Matrix or “Human Condition” or what I now call Earth Realm (slaves to every thought, feeling, actions of others) We see everything through the lense of selfishness, me, me, me. There is no me. No you. Just SPIRIT and GOD’s WILL or purpose which is create Heaven on Earth. Only it is within me, within you. Nothing may change on the outside, however, everything has changed within. No more attachment to Thought or Feelings. Yes, we think. Yes, we feel. But they are just that, a Thought, a feeling, an action of someone else who is simply unconscious because if they were not, they would have done something different. Trust me. They are GOD as well. They only want what is best for them, their family, their jobs, their bank accounts. They are good willed people. They are just not aware of who they really are yet. They need to heal. They need a relationship with SPIRIT and the Plant Medicines or Sacred Sacraments Kambo, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius, Psilocybin, San Pedro, Hape, Sanaga, Peyote, DMT and any others SPIRIT guides us to work. alabama ayahuasca ceremonies bufo mushroom

Jesus said in the Gospel of Mary Magdelene that there is No Sin, only the love of those things that deceive you.

  • Addiction
  • Shopping
  • Relationships
  • Trauma we hang on to as it somehow serves us but at the same time drains our energy.

When Adam and Eve ate the apple, they felt shame and hid from GOD. How do we reverse this or return to the Garden or CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS, here, now, on Earth? We must heal through SPIRIT Medicines and be free of all shame, guilt, remorse. We must shed this “worldly programming” and we must allow others to be free. Free to speak, think, say and do with judgement or condemnation. We must develop a relationship with SPIRIT through Kambo, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius, San Pedro, Hape, Sanaga, Peyote, DMT, Psilocybin. Praise and Worship daily. Morning. Day, Evening. Do whatever it takes!

  • Set up a home altar
  • Sit before the LORD
  • Pour it all out, work out your salvation
  • If married, don’t have conversations in passing. Sit before the LORD, hash stuff out with CHRIST in the midst

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This has radically changed my life, my walk and my relationship with Lauren “Golden Leaf” at Divine Bliss Living and all the members of Spirit of Truth Native American Church. This path, THE SACRED WAY or THE NARROW PATH, it is the path to salvation, to truly unplugging from “the controlling body/mind/soul we were born with”

When in control of your THOUGHT(s), able to FEEL your FEELINGS without judgement, without labels, without rationalizing or intellectualizing them away, that is when AWAKE. FREE. CO-CREATOR

I am here to tell you, just like NEO in the Matrix, you can unplug from the slavery of the Controlling Mind or The Programming you have constructed throughout your existence.

You do not have to have a feeling or judgement about every Thought you have or action you take. You no longer have to think about or concern yourself with what other people may think or say. You have a new perspective on THOUGHT. You will be free and understand that others people are also SPIRIT and DIVINE and working towards CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS. or ENLIGHTENMENT.

Each person is living out their path to THE GREAT AWAKENING. Most people including myself up until now believe that Jesus is Coming Back and there will be peace on Earth. I am here to tell you that Jesus is already here. SPIRIT is living inside of you, healing you, bringing your into RELATIONSHIP so that SPIRIT may prepare you for YOUR GREAT AWAKENING. Your Garden of Eden, Your Heaven on Earth. Despite the outside world, the inside world is PEACE, COMPASSION, LOVE and FORGIVENESS. It is truly Heaven on Earth.

When I saw the Lord returning, all wars ending, God’s Eternal Rest worldwide, I believed it had happened. However, when the outside world didn’t change, wars didn’t end, poverty ceased to exist, money was useless and we were all ENLIGHTENED, I was confused and yes very disappointed. However, over the next couple of days, I noticed no attachment to Thought. No monkey mind. I was spending my time and energy how I choose to do so. I was writing for the LORD which I had planned on doing for years. I was able to sense frustration in people and rather than quickly judge and protect “my energy” I was filled with compassion and spiritual insight or how to best help them through what has them stuck in that lower state of consciousness that was causing them disconnect from HIGHEST SELF / SPIRIT.

I realized that I was free inside. Free from all shame, guilt, remorse, fear. Free to choose where to direct my attention, my thoughts, my actions. Free to listen to people and what they were saying without thinking about what I was to say. FREEDOM to BE IN THE MOMENT, SHARING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME, EVERYTIME.

  • Free to allow others the same freedom without judgement or condemnation. I see everything and everyone as the MASTERS MASTERPIECE!
  • I see THE SACRED WAY as the healing process that SPIIRT laid out for our Ancestors and now YOU and I, US.
  • I do believe that these Sacred Sacraments and THE SACRED WAY will bring us all into our true calling, true purpose, true SELF, Our HIGHEST SELF or state of Enlightenment or CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS
  • I believe that is possible Here, Now. I believe that we are SPIRIT, Children of GOD, therefore as Jesus said as Jesus Knew – Ye are Gods and Co-creators Creating Heaven on Earth. GOD’S ETERNAL REST.
  • Once a sleep or unaware or low vibration, lower self, I now KNOW that I AM SPIRIT and SPIRIT is me. I could die today and never taste death.



Medicines Reveal Ourselves to Ourselves. All that is seen, felt, experienced is Already Within Us

alabama ayahuasca ceremonies near meIf we are to become free, we must understand who we are, what we are up against and how to overcome and become ONE with GOD and ONE with Creation and ONE with ALL HUMAN-SPIRIT BEINGS. Everything that you see, feel, taste, smell, every hair on your head, every single moment is the MASTERS MASTERPIECE – designed with 1 purpose – TO FREE YOUR SPIRIT from the attachment of the Mind, Body and Soul. To be free here now. To empower you to begin Co-Creating a new world for yourself and your family, one of peace, love, communication, acceptance and forgiveness.

All are welcome. I encourage you, don’t quit, no matter what. Go on a regular basis to ceremonies. Get your home altar set up. Pray. Meditate. Use the Sacraments. Worship SPIRIT.

THE SACRED WAY or THE NARROW PATH will take every ounce of courage, every ounce of willingness and all your heart, mind, soul and strength. You will need to reach beyond what you believe to be possible. You must surrender your WILL to SPIRIT. You must be willing to go the extra mile, spend the time, the money, reprioritize your resources. We must stop valuing what the world values and place all value on our SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION. Cars fade away, people come and go, even children grow up and move out. WE MUST DEVELOP RELATIONSHIP WITH HIGHEST SELF / CHRIST NOW, NOT TOMORROW

We must align ourselves with our FATHER’s WILL and Be about our FATHER’s Business. Rescuing Souls. Healing bodies. Freeing minds. CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS


When I had cancer, I didn’t work. I worked on my health as that was the most important thing to me and my family. We must approach our lives, our health, our spiritual evolution in the same way.

  • You will need to stretch yourself, trust SPIRIT and the Plant SPIRIT Teacher Medicines with your LIFE.
  • You will need to be willing to die for others to live.  In the end, you will know true freedom.
  • You will no longer be a slave to the things that deceive you. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, sex, shopping, lying, stealing and the list goes on.
  • You will no longer be slaves to our false perceptions, illusions, stories, deceptions and deceivers.
  • You will no longer be attached to the “AVATAR” or the sleep walker, conditioned and controlling human mind, feelings, habits, perceptions, programming.
  • It will all be stripped away, your mind renewed. You will have the MIND OF CHRIST or CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS, living, breathing, eating, laughing as a NEW CREATION. REBORN

AYAHUASCA CEREMONIES IN ALI AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE – CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS – HE WAS ENLIGHTENED OR FREE FROM EGO OR THE ‘HUMAN CONDITION” I understand this now, as ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I was led to plant medicines after 20+ years of drug addiction, alcoholism, 8 rehabs and 5 DUI’s, loss of rehab and the millions that went with it. When I was trapped, enslaved by the Matrix and a lifetime of programming, I caused so some much pain, suffering and wreckage. I had a very long road ahead of me. My first 3 years of healing was brutal. I had to have RELIGIOUSITY STRIPPED AWAY. I had to have years of mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse HEALED by CHRIST. I had to FORGIVE MYSELF and FORGIVE OTHERS.

How do you know you have forgiven yourself? Are you shamed of what you have done? Would you be open to sharing it with someone else that needs to hear it in order to help themselves? If so, more work needs to be done as you still have attachments and mental constructs built up around this area of pain / trauma. First things first, you are a PERFECT DIVINE SPIRIT BEING. The feelings, thoughts, actions you have felt or take up to this point, every single step the LORD has taken with you. And the LORD is bringing you into RELATIONSHIP with HIM/HER/THEM. From there, you must be courageous, consume the Sacred Ayahuasca, Bufo, Psilocybin, San Pedro etc. Trust the SPIRIT of the Sacred Sacraments. SPIRIT is REAL. CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS is REAL. It is your BIRTHRIGHT. You are ROYALTY. a MASTERS MASTERPIECE – CREATED BY A PERFECT CREATOR CREATING PERFECTION INFINITELY. If you do not see the PERFECTION in EVERYTHING, keep healing, keep surrendering, keep trusting, keep praising, keep worshipping UNTIL YOU DO! Everyone is to have this GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE.

My FATHER chose to bless me so that I may tell others of what HE/SHE/THEY have done in my life, through my life for the lives of others! I AM now All About My Father’s Business.









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