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Alcohol is Cancelled

Alcohol used to be a struggle for me.

Never realizing how big of a problem I had. Overall, I ate healthy, practiced yoga, meditated, and for the most part lived a pretty healthy, holistic life. I was well aware of the negative effects that alcohol had on our physical and spiritual bodies. I could feel the lower vibrations that it brought. I could feel how it would disconnect me from SPIRIT. However, I would make excuses… It loosens me up, it allows me to have fun, it helps me sleep, there’s no harm in 1…2…3 glasses of wine a night… hell might as well finish the bottle. I lied to myself, telling myself that I was in control.

Then after my first Ayahuasca ceremony I didn’t have the cravings; I could walk by the bottle and say nahhhh. I began to reflect on what alcohol actually did to me, what it brought into my life. It numbed me, it buried feelings that I didn’t want to feel, it opened the door for spirits to come in and put words in my mouth that weren’t mine, thoughts in my head that weren’t mine, feelings in my energy that weren’t mine. In the first few sips it always starts out good then when my guard was down, BAM, shit would hit the fan!

It makes me think of sugar… you think there’s nothing wrong with a little sugar here and there, eating candy, but overtime gives you cavities and has all kinds of negative effects on the body and mind.

sugar poison kambo detox remove toxins

Overtime, I allowed the temptation of alcohol back in, because I didn’t think I had an issue, I also thought my spirituality was strong enough to fight off the spirits it could bring and I could protect myself, and I lied to myself thinking I could control the effects. I was quickly reminded of how evil this substance is and how powerful it is! Whether it was because I hadn’t drunk in a while, my connection with the Divine was much stronger than it used to be, or due to plant medicines I was way more sensitive to different energies and vibrations; either way it hit me hard and with vengeance.

I used to laugh about all of my drunk stories of how I always managed to not get in trouble, never had any accidents. However, I have had many close calls in my life with alcohol, lots of moments that I’m not proud of. When looking back I see the pain that I was truly in. I used alcohol to escape, and it tried to use me to veer me away from my path. I realize now that I was just very well protected by my guardian angels, my spirit guides. They kept their wings wrapped around me tightly and never allowed me to get too far gone.

I have asked myself many times why is it legal and plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Peyote, San Pedro, etc. (in most places) aren’t? A lot of states are finally legalizing Marijuana, however, it’s been a slow process.

The answer that always comes to me is because plants connect us with SPIRIT, the Divine, Christ Consciousness. They open up our minds and show us how we’re the creators of our universe! They remove programs and mental constructs. That’s not something that’s wanted by those in law making positions.

Alcohol controls us and disconnects us from the Divine within. That’s what is wanted by the evil forces of this world. I have chosen to no longer give over my power. I no longer allow anything to come in between my connection with SPIRIT, with Christ!

spirit connection divine within christ consciousness kambo detox plant medicine ceremony alabama

If you’re suffering from alcoholism and/or drug addiction, plant medicine is very helpful. Kambo is a powerful medicine that can help rid the body of toxins and negative energies that these substances bring. In addition, it helps you prepare for deeper healings with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines.

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