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Science Behind Kambo

An Italian scientist and Nobel prize nominee, Vittorio Erspamer of the University of Rome was the first person to analyze Kambo in a laboratory.  In 1986, he wrote that it contains a ‘fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequaled by any other amphibian’.Science has shown that the Kambo secretion has a unique and complex blend of Bioactive Peptides and even Neuropeptides. A peptide is a short chain of amino acids that when bonded performs a function in the human body. Insulin, Oxytocin, Growth hormone, Antibiotics, and Enzymes are all examples of peptides. Peptides affect mood, energy, cognitive reasoning, blood sugar, digestion, blood pressure and immune system regulation. They can help with inflammation and even stop the growth of microorganisms in the body. Kambo contains Bioactive Peptides, which means that each one performs a specific and beneficial function in the human body. It also contains Neuropeptides which is a special type of peptide that helps neurons communicate in the brain. The peptides in Kambo are completely natural, so the body recognizes them and unlocks cells to the benefits of the medicine. This is not true for pharmaceutical drugs, which often have to break into cells – generally leaving behind a residue and causing some stress in the body. Kambo is a natural substance that the human body recognizes, so it’s receptive to the medicine with no stress to the cells. Kambo even helps clean out the residue left by drugs.


A 33 amino acid peptide that works with the adenosine receptor. This antibiotic peptide can have harm-reducing effects against a myriad of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, including cancer cells. Has been shown to be very effective in killing cancer cells, effectively turning off their fuel supply.


another peptide that interacts with opioid receptors, showing higher selectivity for them than any compound known to man. There are 2 Deltorphins in Kambo, adding to its pain-killing properties.


a peptide with potent antimicrobial effects against bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa, and even enveloped viruses that often cause severe opportunistic infections.


Dermorphin has an opiate like effect on mu-opioid receptors, making it a very potent painkiller with effects 30-40 times stronger than morphine.

Phyllo Caerulein

A neuropeptide that reduces blood pressure, modifies satiety (stomach fullness), and manages sedation and thermoregulation. It’s also a potent pain killer.


a peptide that reduces blood pressure in the long-term, and crosses the blood-brain barrier to help take Kambo’s benefits to the brain.

Phyllolitorin, [Leu8] Phyllolitorin, Rohdei-Litorin

3 neuropeptides that stimulate gastric acid secretion and smooth muscle contraction.


a neuropeptide (unique to Kambo) that acts as a powerful vasodilator, widening and relaxing blood vessels, veins, and arteries, contributing to the purging often experienced when taking kambo.


Highly potent against the yeast candida, may have potential in cardiovascular, inflammatory, and anticancer therapy.

What Ailments Can Kambo Assist With?

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Common Ailments


Kambo is not a cure, but it can be a great treatment in conjunction with current regimens. It is not a replacement for medical advice, treatments, prescriptions or doctor’s orders. Kambo treatment is not guaranteed to alleviate any illness or ailment. With that being said, many people have found improvements in their symptoms and quality of life through the use of Kambo. Some conditions that can be aided by Kambo are:



Who is Kambo NOT safe for?

It is essential that you read this list and disclose to us any known conditions and medications prior to receiving Kambo. Anyone in these categories cannot, under any circumstance, receive Kambo – it is for your own safety and well-being! Kambo is NOT safe for those:

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