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DMT or The Spirit Molecule – All Hell Broke Loose

Hello, my name is Matthew “Fisher of Men” and I am proud member of the Native American Church. I am Spiritually Adopted, a Medicine Holder and since July 2020, a Bona Fide Medicine Man called and chosen by the LORD to work with Sacred SPIRIT Sacraments to help in humanities spiritual evolution and divine healing. I am a dedicated Minister of the Native American Church, called by CHRIST, merged with Jesus during a mystical experience and I am now an awakened being in relationship with Yeshua, Divine Mary, Holy Spirit, The Great Physician and the 1000 other names our Creator may be known by/as.

ayahuasca church and ayahuasca ceremoniesMy first experience with The Spirit Molecule or DMT was in 2012. It was an initiation that will never be forgotten. I went though a worm hole like portal. I remember seeing 100000000, WIN WIN WIN and a beautiful little Asian girl. I had wet myself and came out of it saying the word Yama. I later learned that Yama is the God of Death in Hinduism so must have died or been in it’s presence. Obviously, I wet myself. I was sacred beyond bodily control. I took a long break from DMT. About 4 years. 4 more years of drinking, blowing money and losing everything slow and steady. My thinking was entirely selfish and self-centered and the alcohol and the impure spirits were getting their hooks into me. I began using crack cocaine heavily. All while working within the addiction industry and trying to raise a family now having had my first beautiful little Asian girl Lily.

It was not until 2015 that I began to truly heal through the Sacred Sacraments, Rituals, Spiritual Practices and Ceremonies. In 2020, I was led to become Spiritual Adopted by New Haven Native American Church in Ava, MO, led by Paul “Man Found Standing” Dean.  SPIRIT began using me in mighty ways, setting up ceremonies out of the blue in the most miraculous of ways. However, due to my fear and the legal status of the Sacraments, I tried to run from this calling, canceled ceremonies and thought I could just hop right back into the Matrix again. I was sorely mistaken and pleasantly surprised! My entire life became a war zone. From Divorce to Family Services to almost being sued by the same man who served me Ayahuasca for the first time, all over a website Kentucky-Ayahuasca.com. When I started on The Way, all hell broke loose and a major shedding of the past began. Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, I continued to fight and strive and tear down old programming. In doing so, a new creation was formed and my CHRIST within AWAKENED. My mind began to be renewed and I became Child-like again. My relationship with Jesus grew stronger and stronger and each time I journeyed it evolved more and more to the point where one day, I merged with Jesus in a very profound and mystical experience. At that point, through prayer Jesus began coming to me as YESHUA and was heard audibly when speaking in tongues.

bufo ceremonies in alabamaIt was not long after, Lauren and I were brought together. At the time, Lauren was not a “Born Again” by any means. However, after I prayed Lord, you are going to need to make us, create us, bring us into union with you that, Mary came to and merged with Lauren. What a Divine Miracle in itself.  Since Lauren and I have come together, we have gone to hell and back. We have had one spiritual battle after another. We have been purified by fire, cleansed by water and brought into ONENESS with each other and The GREAT SPIRIT. And just as SPIRIT was working within the heart of Paul, “Man Found Standing” to pursue a CHRIST-CENTERED Native American Church and Tribe, Lauren and I were being put on the same path since 2020. That in itself is a MIRACLE.

We have walked through court hearings with our children held hostage for over a year. We have had our Religious Freedom violated. We have stood in the fire against the entire world it seemed. Family. Courts. Family Services. Spiritual Warfare.

We have been called to serve and anointed by CHRIST to love, honor, cherish and serve our Sacred Sacraments Ayahuasca, Bufo, Kambo, and Psilocybin. Lauren and I do not work with 100’s. We don’t even work with dozens a year. SPIRIT brings us the people that are in need of The Great Physician aka SPIRIT MD. We have served young men that accidently shot their best friend. We have served a homeless man living out of Clinicians and Doctors. We have served Trauma Specialists and John Hopkins University Medical Doctors.

We are called to raise up and help heal the Native American Tribes from a spirit of slothfulness and alcoholism. We are called to go and do As SPIRIT Leads…

Spirit of Truth Constitution – 03-2022 (5)

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At one point I was dying. I was 250lbs, smoking and drinking and battling stage III Lymphoma. It is through SPIRIT, through the Sacred Spirit Teacher Sacraments and his dedication and belief in CHRIST that I AM still alive today, cancer free with no label of addict or alcoholic on my life, no generational curses remaining, FREE IN CHRIST. It is my personal and professional opinion that Addiction and Alcoholism and Mental Health Illness are traumas, stored energies and impure spirits that have attached themselves to our bodies / lives and must be released.

Here at Spirit of Truth NAC in Wetumpka, we rely on KAMBO, HAPE and SANAGA to “Clean the Inside of the Cup” or Cleanse the Soul THEN  Pour in the Living Water / SPIRIT / Sacred Sacraments Ayahuasca, Bufo, Peyote, San Pedro, Psilocybin to Free the Mind and help all human beings reach their Highest Self – TO EXPEREINCE PURE CONSCIOUSNESS

We welcome all people from all places. We believe what you believe is your truth. We believe that The Way is our Creators Masterpiece, a Divine Ceremony called LIFE, all to bring us into a Relationship full of Love and peace and desire to love others.

When awaken, we live out our Creator’s One Commandment: Love the Lord they God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and your neighbor as yourself.

We believe that we are all SPIRIT. Some are more conscious than others. It is the responsibility of those who are farther along The Way to reach out and help those who need to heal and evolve. When my brother is in pain, I AM in pain. We are ONE. All SPIRIT. His / Her / Their hands and feet. Here to help one another come into a RELATIONSHIP with SPIRIT. Come into a RELATIONSHIP with others knowing that they are in fact you and you are in fact them. We are all God’s Children. There is no division. No separation. Only that of the Ego, mental constructs designed to limit your Divine Potential. The Sacred Healing Way breaks the chains of shame, guilt, remorse, selfishness and self-centeredness. It frees us from the Controlling Mind that once enslaved us with judgement and condemnation. If you would like to think clearly, direct your thinking, awaken to new states of consciousness, please pray about The Sacred Healing Way and Sacred SPIRIT Sacraments. If you are called, reach out.

We do not charge a set rate for our The Sacred Healing Way ceremonies in Wetumpka, AL. Donation of any amount. #AsSPIRITLeads.

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