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Mystical Magical Micro-Doing and Coaching Program

Have you heard about micro dosing with Psilocybin, or better known as ‘Magic Mushrooms, and been curious if this is something right for you?

Perhaps you attempted to micro dose on your own, without any guidance or direction, and didn’t see or feel any long term results. Now you’re wondering what could you have done differently to better assist you?

Our 6 week Mystical Micro Magick virtual container, hosted by Divine Bliss Living, is a small group of individuals travelling on their healing journey. SPIRIT has strategically put these special souls together that are ready to improve their overall quality of life and deepen their Divine connection. We also offer 1:1 support and you can start at any time!

Together we will dance with the shadows, slay demons, break chains, remove the veil and rise up!

We will gather together biweekly through zoom to integrate and share what’s coming up. Lauren ‘Golden Leaf’ will provide energy clearings, light code and healing transmissions, guided meditations.*Replays will be available*

You will also be provided with Soul Diving pdfs, simple daily spiritual practices that will enhance your journey, as well as a private Telegram chat to stay connected throughout the week!

microdosing psilocybin programMicro Dosing with Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) has many benefits! My relationship with these little guys has been a beautiful journey and have been given the mission to help them grow. I have a mission to connect with souls that are brought to me by SPIRIT and guide them on their healing and ascension journey!

If you’re planning on attending a Sacred SPIRIT Plant Ceremony or have already attended one and need help integrating, this container will give you the much needed support and guidance to help you navigate your path.

For more information about Ayahuasca ceremonies in Alabama, please contact Lauren “Golden Leaf” at 205-821-4740

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