alabama ayahausca retreat for couples

Alabama Ayahuasca Retreat For Couples

Many times throughout a relationship, especially a marriage, there will come a time that will challenge a couple’s partnership. Some may say it is a testing while others may view it more as a purification process. Here are Sacred Space Sanctuary and Spirit of Truth Native American Church we believe that each person is on their own individual journey. We are not here to provide martial counseling. However, we are here to caution you. There are spiritual forces that would seek to destroy your relationship, especially when you have a higher calling on your lives. It is for this reason, we are only here to guide you to Spirit and the Sacred Plant Teachers. We trust them fully with our lives and pray you will do the same for yourselves and for your partnership.

Here are some of the common issues that couples struggle with: 

InfidelitySexual infidelity is problem number one, leading to more divorces and breakups than any other issue. (2) Economic hardship and daily high stress is another leading cause.

Trust Issues – When it’s not safe to ask, trust breaks down – which can be fatal to almost any relationship. Being trustworthy means being open with your spouse or partner.

Communication – Communication is one of the most prevalent problems in marriages. This includes both vocal and non-verbal communication. 

Jealousy – Jealousy can be highly destructive because it leads people to start doubting each other and their relationships.

Intimacy issues – Intimacy issues may come in many forms. It may be from lack of passion or sex. When there are intimacy issues, a partner may feel unloved and unwanted.

Finances – financial stress is high on the list of issues that cause friction, even in the best partnerships.

It is through the careful guidance of Spirit and the Sacred Healing Sacraments that we can learn who we are a individuals as well as who we are as a partners. If you would like to learn more about our upcoming couple’s retreat where we will be serving Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo and Psilocybin, please reach out to Lauren “Golden Leaf” at 205-821-4740



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