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Born Spirit, Awaken unto Spirit, Live as Spirit

Awakening unto SPIRIT, we walk talk become SPIRIT. We understand that we already are SPIRIT, Always Were, Always Will Be…

We begin to see others as SPIRIT. We honor others as SPIRIT. That man that hurt us, did us wrong, took advantage of us, we see them in the same LIGHT and we honor them as we would Jesus Christ or Buddha or Mohammad or Allah. All SPIRIT. All The Time. We understand that each person, they are all playing their role perfectly to bring us to Our Great Awakening.
We adore Mother Earth and all her infinite wonder. We see our Creator in all Creation.

We worship the Creator of All Creation. The Great Physician SPIRIT WITHIN US ALL.

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Read Our Spirit of Truth Native American Constitution

Spirit of Truth NAC does not discriminate against any man, woman, race, or belief(s). We do not believe in labels. We do not see divisions as they are delusional and hurt only ourselves/others. WE ARE ONE.
We believe that every hair on our heads was Divinely placed there with the Soul Purpose of bringing us into Our Great Awakening or the Master’s Masterpiece or Christ-Consciousness or Enlightenment or The Captives Set Free – For Who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed
There are Infinite Names for an Infinite Creator. There are infinite paths to enlightenment or Christ-Consciousness or Freedom from Controlling Mind or Carnal Mind or Fleshly Nature or Old Man or Old Nature. You see our point. Truth is Truth.


Best part – GOD. SPIRIT. Jesus. Mary. Buddha. Krishna. Kali and every other name for GOD, they are all SPIRIT just like you and me, all playing their roles throughout the history of mankind. To a T, perfectly, all bringing us into Our Great Awakening.
That is what we have come to understand based on our experiences walking with SPIRIT along The Sacred Healing Way. For guidance, we provide Ayahuasca ceremonies in Wetumpka, Al. Bufo, Psilocybin, Kambo as well.

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