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Mayan Religion – Yama – God of Death in Hinduism

Mayan legends mention the stories of mysterious caves hidden deep and terrifying gods who reigned there, thirsty for human blood. The Mayans believe in an afterlife. According to the “Popol Vuh,” the deceased had to pass through a “torture chamber” a cold and dark place with “rivers of blood” and rooms of “sharp knives, bats and jaguars.”

The Mayans were once known for their bloody human sacrifices. They were advanced in geometry and astronomy with knowledge of art and science, but had barbaric customs of sacrificing humans.

XiBalba – Place of Fear- Hell

     The Mayan word “Xibalba” literally means “the place of fear” and in their mythology it was the lowest of the nine underworlds and the realm of the dead. It was ruled by ten Lords, or demons, of whom One Death and Seven Death were the leaders. These Lords were given domain over various forms of human suffering and were able to inflict sickness, starvation, fear, destitution, pain, and ultimately death.

Many striking illustrations left by the Mayans at Chichen Itza describe a culture that celebrates rituals of extreme violence. There is proof of an undeniable and unpleasant ritual display of extreme savagery. For example, on a wall panel you can see a victorious warrior who was beheaded, knelt beside his skull. His blood scattered everywhere, transforming into the head of a serpent to symbolize that he became a God. The winner was honorably sacrificed and it was thought that he would rise to the world of the Gods. As a Human being, as a Warrior, as a Friend and Lover,  I can understand this desire to lay down your life for your loved ones.! Our military embeds this soldiers’ hearts and minds. God. Family. Country. We sacrifice!  As Father and Husband I would lay my life down for my family!


ayahuasca retreat near me in Alabaama2012 End Of Mayan Calendar 12-21-2012


According to the Popol Vuh, a compilation of the creation accounts of the Kʼicheʼ Maya of the Colonial-era highlands, the current world is the fourth. The Popol Vuh describes the gods first creating three failed worlds, followed by a successful fourth world in which humanity was placed. (Win Win Win Won)

2012 – The DMT Experience – Intense – Meaningful – Prophetic 


The bowl of flower (THC) was prepared. The Spirit Medicine (DMT) was sprinkled on top. I don’t recall much of a sacredness to the experience but I knew we were under grace and doing the best we could at the time to treat this day as important. The person who sourced the medicine (Harp Musician) he had little experience within the “plant medicine communities” at the time. He only knew that this was something I had to do and he felt it would be a major shift in my life spiritually. 

I remember saying a prayer. I then began to consume the medicine taking a deep breath and holding it in. Instantly, I knew this was not something that was that I had ever experienced and it was very overwhelming in all ways, mind, body and soul. 

I began to travel or click out, journey into other realm(s). My Spirit began move very quickly through a Worm Hole that would be very similar to that which you would see in the movies. It resembled a tube-like structure of passing light and energy or pure crystalized matter. When that moment of intense travel stopped, I was shown the numbers 1000, the words in flashing lights WIN WIN WIN. Next, I then saw a beautiful Asian girl who at the time, felt would be my daughter. The last thing that I remember was pissing all over myself and saying the word or name Yama. 

At that time, I knew nothing of Hinduism. I had explored other religions briefly throughout my walk but always found myself coming back to Jesus Christ and my foundational faith in one God, Creator of all. 

Yama, in the mythology of India, the god of the dead. The Vedas describe him as the first man who died, blazing the path of mortality down which all humans have since followed. He is the guardian of the south (the region of death) and presides over the resting place of the dead, which is located under the earth. (Recommended Reading Serpent of Light – Beyond 2012) 

Written Drunvalo Melchizedek on 1-1-1800 

Important to note: 777 Crowning – I began scribing non-stop on 1-1-2023 and did not stop with the first OM until May day. I wrote 3 OM’s or Washes or Purges of Tree of Evil/Coding. Suitcases full of inspired word, downloading, very amazing and very evil at the same time. It can be very traumatizing and scarring if left unattended to. It is very important to have a support group. Going through this healing process alone is not recommended. 

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