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Choosing Your Way of Life Over That of Others

In the following article The Latest in the Legal Battle for Psilocybin Access for Patients it talks about the need to provide access to Psilocybin. As Native American Minister who has trusted Plant Medications with his life I have a hard time accepting that we don’t have access to natural SPIRIT TEACHER MEDICATIONS. The SPIRIT OF GOD – OUR CREATOR IS WITHIN THE PLANTS – KNOWS HOW TO HEAL US

I have a very difficult time trusting my life to people who see me for 5 mins and diagnosis me based on what I am telling them is wrong with me or they decide to label me as to prescribe me medications and or create new customer.

We are SPIRIT with Spirit bodies! We are not synthetic and prescription medications, unless they are a cure, I do not find them to be the best option for preventive care nor the removal of illnesses.

We must trust our lives and our health with SPIRIT that sustains us. Every breath is a gift of LIFE. Every new CELL created a new SUN, new CHRIST within us giving us LIFE. Listen to your CELLS, they will speak to you.

When they do, you will do all in your power to separate yourself from messages that are counter-productive. You may need to go for numerous walks. You may eat a little more than usual. You may feel very frustrated and come up with a millions reasons why you deserve. You will hear messages like: “That’s not for me. I am not ready for that. Why do I have to change? Why do I have to let that go? I am not that bad. It’s working for me”

These messages come and go but the TRUTH remains, when SPIRIT speaks to you, you are either going to level up and make the changes despite the at times agonizing request and suffering/shedding that follows or or as they say, If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes. If you have reached this phase in your walk, press on, find value in making the choice to transformation your lives through oneness with GOD, SPIRIT, CHRIST, THE DIVINE. Now when it comes to Plants, even them, they may ask you to step away, strive for more without them or sober-minded. This may be the most difficult time in one’s walk especially when you know that they have helped save your life and or you have lived with them for decades. It is a relationship. However, so is that with yourself and or your loved one(s). You will need to decide and follow the Leading of SPIRIT to the best of your ability. Should you fall short, fail. Fail forward. Don’t condemn yourself. Just get back up and get back on the horse and keep riding. It will get better every single day that you are giving yourself for a greater cause, purpose or mission.

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