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Why We Turn To Plants to See Jesus

Pastor – Hey guys. I hope your day is going great. I wanted to reach out to you because of a concern that was raised recently. First, let me say that we are so happy to have you visiting with us at So and So Church. I felt that the Lord touched you, Lauren, in a beautiful way during yesterday’s service. I have included my wife in this group text as well, just for clarity.

I have done some research and want it to be clear that we do not support, agree with, or believe in the “Sacred Sacraments” or the practices of the Native American Church or their “healing ceremonies.”
We believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY and that anything else is demonic in nature and conflicts with the message of Jesus.
We want you both to come to know and experience the power of the Holy Spirit and the freedom that comes from a personal and powerful relationship with Jesus Christ.
However, as the Pastor of So and So Church, I cannot and will not allow you to solicit members of, SO & SO Church. Thank you for understanding. If you would like to discuss this further, I am available anytime at 334-777-7777.
I believe that there is deliverance for you both in Jesus. As the Senior Pastor, I am here to help lead you into a relationship with Him. However, if you are committed to your “Native American Church” and the “Sacred Sacraments” please know that SO & SO church rejects this as demonic and cultish and will defend and protect all of our members. Thank you for understanding.
Pastor – writes and then deletes the message
Matthew – If you have finished, we are happy to have you to our home for dinner and conversation. Just let us know what day and time might work for you all. Thank you, A’ho AMEN
Pastor – No sir. We are not interested. I hope you understand my tone and my heart. However, if my tone and heart is misunderstood, I can speak much more clearly.
Matthew: I think you have made it very clear who is control of your heart. I thank you for your time, but CHRIST is in my heart. You guys take care of yourself and your legalistic spirit / ministry. Ps. They are not your members. They are GOD’s children and they are dying because of “pastors” like yourself that prevent them from anti-cancer medicine that “Indians” used long before doctors and big corporations and religion began profiting off sickness and disease. I am healed. My tree bears AMAZING fruit full of love and compassion and acceptance of all HIS kids. You sir, are not acting like one of them, just a child. Take care of your heart. A’ho. AMEN
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bufo ceremonies in alabama


Matthew – Our altar stays lite. We stay at our altar day and sometime all night praising and worshipping. Please do not JUDGE me. You are not following the teachings of JESUS and you have laid claim to Your Members when they are HIS kids. And we were two very anointed of them. Hope HE works on that heart problem you have and all the cancer and death that you praise HIM for when HE sends to people with life saving medicines and you speak to them like DEMONS. I am now wiping the dust from my feet. Good bye sir

PastorNot that quick. Your rant fires me up. I got the goods on you. 

Matthew – anger, hate, rage, that is what fires you up sir. Take care of that. It is killing you
PastorI bind your demonic influence over Lauren. I pray that her eyes are opened to who you really are.
I took snap shots of this conversation as well. (at this point BLOCKED ON FACEBOOK)
Please keep in mind, up until this point, there was no conversations, no relationship developed, we simply attended twice a week for the past month or so. We attended a water baptism to support others, went to the Church for the Praise and Worship portion, something to do positive, something Jesus said was important for us to be apart of. We simply wanted to meet other believers outside of our home and within the community.
We never solicited anyone. In fact, this entire FACEBOOK MESSAGE was created because we invited a couple of people from the church as well as some from Celebrate Recovery over for a cookout. There was a gentlemen and his wife and 3 kids that came over for dinner. We never spoke of our Sacred Ceremonies or Sacred Sacraments other than to quickly explain why we have no living room furniture and huge Sanctuary Altar instead. In fact, other than showing them our 4 altars, Main Sanctuary, Bedroom, Patio and Firepit, we never spoke of any religion or Sacraments. So why in the world would someone, anyone at all, reach out using FACEBOOK MESSENGER and take such an aggressive tone and with a seemly impure heart. Possession is real. We have seen it, felt it, gone up against it. We know exactly where this was coming from and it was not this pastor. He is a divine human spirit being, made with love, full of love and any other day or topic, we would be breaking bread together. So why now, we have never spoken to him in service or outside of it. It is a small church. Why would he not speak to us prior to learning of our Native American Church?
Lauren and I attended services, there was no business cards handed out, no mention of it during a services and never spoken of while we had dinner with “his members”.
In fact, this past Sunday, we went and spent our time and money to help volunteer. We were asked to share something intimate about our past. Something that we overcame with CHRIST. For me it was Stage III Lymphoma on the front and ERADICATED BY CHRIST written on the back. He watched as Lauren and I both shared our past to help others. Then, without a conversation before, no request to meet and have lunch or dinner, find out more about “his members” THIS? Why is that? Why would anyone talk to anyone else this way?
For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

If our Spiritual Leaders are using FACEBOOK MESSEGER now to address GUESTS of the church, guests that have only showed up, praised, worshipped, volunteered and help feed a family of 5 out of the kindness of their heart, no strings attached, no sales pitch, no soliciting of the family to leave the church and join the Native American Church. It was simply a nice dinner among new friends.

I even offered to help build a website for his Dry Wall and Finishing Company as he has no computer, no marketing, just word of mouth. I would have helped him generate a new source of revenue for him, his wife and 3 small children. I asked for nothing in return, other than the contact information that I needed to help create a Google My Business listing so that people could find him and call him, making life much easier than trying to hand out business cards to everyone everywhere. I had the same intentions with the church as I had previously been led by SPIRIT to start helping my local church grow. I did this with Genesis in Spokane, WA a decade ago. I would have helped the church grow throughout Alabama AsSPIRITLeads… but that was not to come to fruition.

I am called to serve, to help the hurting. I am not called nor do I have any desire to convince people of why. Preach the Word and If You Must, Use Words!

Back to the Story: When they left, Lauren and I gave them a bag of chips, the desert they brought and all the food we purchased. We don’t have a lot of time, money or food. We have enough. We went the extra mile to purchase chicken and sausages and hot dogs for the kids. Stuff we normally would not have laying around this house lmao. Pork sandwiches that I ended up eating. Yukie but Yummy too. Human-Divine lmao

Anyway, they didn’t eat it as they had a late lunch so when they left, we loaded it all up into a bag and made sure they and the kids had another day or two of food. We knew mom who was pregnant would not have to worry about cooking, just heat up. When they left, everything was nice, peaceful, we all enjoyed the time spent together. In fact, they wanted to have us at their place sometime soon.

VERY NEXT DAY – less than 24 hours since we stood up in front of the entire congregation and shared our past and our traumas so “his church, his members” could benefit from our vulnerability, transparency, humility and willingness, Lauren comes in the room with tears in her eyes. She begins to show me me this Pastor’s heart-breaking FACEBOOK MESSAGE. I kind of laughed initially as the hate and the evil was so apparent that I knew exactly where this was coming from. I know CHRIST. This was not him. This was evil spirits at work in this Pastor. Or from a psychological standpoint, this is a man that has some of unresolved trauma that is being controlled and used to lash out. To protect what he believes is right or his. Understandable state of consciousness. We have all experienced it. My TOY. Mine. The flesh is a very spoiled rotten little brat. But thankfully, deep down the spirit of each human being knows somehow they are ROYALTY. They deserve more, they are more!

Lauren and I have been through every system the Matrix has created and it has always been an upward battle. From Family Court, jealous ex-husbands being evil, hurting kids to hurt Lauren and I to being threatened by the same guy who gave me my first cup of Ayahuasca, he and “his attorney” coming after a domain that I bought when the Tv show Kentucky Ayahuasca launched. I never spent money on any attorney, not for family nor for civil. I simply told the TRUTH and they went away… He came after me over GREED and then the Case Workers actually used that to say I was being sued by the NAC…WOW…MEAN PEOPLE RUNNING THINGS IS NO BUENO…Supposed to be the people we elect and we can trust…NEVER AGAIN! How can I?

Back to domain – so silly, me, being in marketing, I knew that Kentucky-Ayahuasca.com would be a huge success, help a lot of people. But reality, it SPIRIT brought us THOSE WE NEEDED TO CONNECT WITH…a handful of people SPIRIT brought to me. Lauren, my TwinFLame, Doctors, Trauma Specialists, Clinicians and husband and wife business owners and their family. All very much part of our community and efforts to help heal the world, one hurting soul at a time!

Miracle after Miracle ceremonies we never planned the ceremonies, in fact, I cancelled Laurens. LMAO – Spiritual Warfare – Sure glad I listened to SPIRIT then…always am…But then back to back calls and next thing you know months later, we are together and have never separated since. Why would I be the one attacked, binded, in fact? Bind the strong man and you can plunder the home. Do you know how many people, organizations, ex-husbands, attorneys, family court hearings we have been through TOGETHER. Do you know that GOD, SPIRIT, CREATOR used it all to bring us TOGETHER, strong, powerful, awakened and serving the LORD. It is through the worst year of our lives that we died to self and we are now REBORN in SPIRIT or CHRIST.

We have been through false allegations, accusations, year plus of court hearings and every single time we do, we come out of it more legally protected and more confident that we are on THE SACRED WAY or NARROW ROAD Jesus spoke of. We have a relationship that some people would call impossible. We have seen experienced and now teach of this Great Awakening that is the gift. The Master’s Masterpiece! Life Designed To Awaken Us to Eternal Relationship with Father/Mother/SPIRIT. It is through this intense healing process or The Way that SPIRIT awakens us to a new life, a new relationship. We are not longer bound by feelings and thoughts or programming and our own self conscious, self created, mental constructs such as beliefs, economic status and so on. By awakening to our Highest Self, we can begin to Co-Create a new Earth, a safe place for our children and their children.

The Way, The Sacred Way, The Sacred Healing Way, The Narrow Road. Infinite names. Infinite roads – The Master Masterpiece CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS – I AM

plant medicine healing alabama
4th Trip to Summit – Attending…AsSPIRITLeads…

We know that this FACEBOOK MESSAGE  for us is simply confirmation to leave the “Old Church with the “Old Man” or Old Way of Thinking. There are those who are seeking a new way. There are those who are being led by SPIRIT back home to SPIRIT to become ONE with their Highest Self and Others. We truly are God’s children. We are one family.

It is clear that we must continue to share our light with others and those that have darkness, they will “try” to rise up against it. But when a Serpent of Light comes to you and intuitively informs your soul that you will go through hell for these plants but you will always be healed and protected, YOU BELIEVE what you have just seen, felt, heard and experienced. Enough so to stake your life on it. To walk out of the cancer center. To go against all friends and family and partners/doctors advice. I was healed and I am protected!

Two states. Two attorneys. One long year. 18 months in another…Both Lauren and I in both KY and AL are legally permitted to use and serve our Sacred Sacraments through our Federally-Recognized 501 c 3 independent tribe with church authority handed down by Leslie “Fool” Bull. We are who we are. Called by CHRIST. Led by CHRIST. Serving CHRIST. That is who we are. Jesus and Mary. We are love. As are you and you will know this as truth when it is time, when you have healed, when you have awakened.! I can only give you what has been given to me. We can not force anyone to think something or believe something. They must come to know the truth. How the Truth chooses to reveal itself, that we have found through The Way or The Sacred Healing Way. That is our belief based on our experience serving, worshipping, praying, meditating, healing, cleansing and going through the most intense AWAKENING EXPERIENCES IN CHRIST, IN RELATIONSHIP WITH SPIRIT.

We believe what you believe is truth as it is. It is exactly what you need to think to bring you closer to your Great Awakening. Your divine healing. Your I AM state of consciousness. Your Highest Self. It is your truth. It is well protected. No man can tear it down walls. Only SPIRIT, The Great Physician. THE GREAT I AM.

GOD comes in many forms and many shapes, colors and faces. GOD created the Sacred Sacraments. GOD made sure man that the DMT was to be found and harvested within Creation to heal Creation to ensure humans evolve and awaken us to a Relationship with with his/her Father, Mother, Creator Spirit.

The Way leads to the Truth and gives birth to the LIFE. That is what we believe. We accept all people. We accept all of GOD’s creation. We are all ONE being. GOD Experiencing GOD.

That is how we live our life. We harm no one. We help people heal themselves through Jesus, Mary, Yeshusa, Higher Power, Krishna, Buddha and whoever else you resonate with, whoever else SPIRIT has revealed to you. Whoever SPIRIT has you learning from, evolving with. We believe that you need to be with who you need to be with to develop into a state of consciousness that brings you to The Sacred Way.

You will not be attached to selfishness or body consciousness. You will be free. Free to think and use thought as a tool rather than the hamster wheel or monkey mind dominating each thought, stuck on repeat all day every day for years. You will be free to think, work, co-create. That is what we believe. That is what we are experiencing through The Sacred Healing Way and our RELATIONSHIP with SPIRIT.

In the FACEBOOK MESSAGE, I felt nothing but FEAR, JEALOUSY, ANGER, RAGE, PAIN. I felt for him as he is obvious unwell, trapped by his own Trauma, spirit of Legalism, spirit of Religiosity and spirit of Laziness and Ignorance. We are in a spiritual war. We do not fight against the Pastor. We only pray that SPIRIT raise his consciousness above where he is today which is a state of suffering. If we are always fighting against our brother or sister, we playing right into the hands of the Powers That Be.

Jesus, Yeshua, SPIRIT used me to bring Lauren back to Him to merge who then had a mystical experience merging with Mary Magdalene after Jesus spoke to Lauren “Say my name”.

She knew who it was. My Sheep Know My Voice. Then Mary came to her and she merged with her, becoming one.  I had a similar experience of my own, becoming with CHRIST months prior. We now understand these as Christic-intiations. We learned of this after another experience where I choose to die while praising the LORD. Only rather than die, I came back instantly. There were people standing around taking photos, calling 911, video taping. This took place in a parking lot. I told a Yogie friend of mine all my excitement. She nonchalantly said, oh good for you, you had your first Christic-Initiation. I said what? They have a name for this shit. (I was excited lol)

There are things beyond what we understand happening to all of us. The Sacred Way begins to explain that little by little so we can digest it. It is through The Way, that we have come to understand that each hair on our head was placed there for our Great Awakening. Each time someone hurt us, that pain, all being used to bring about our Great Awakening. Every feeling, every thought, every action, was felt by SPIRIT, heard by SPIRIT, was SPIRIT and all for the purpose of our Great Awakening. There is no mistakes, no coincidences, everything perfect and all working towards Our Great Awakening.


  • 8 PAST Rehabs
  • Lose of substance abuse rehab – millions of dollars LOST/GIVEN AWAY
  • 250lbs OR 70 OVERWEIGHT
  • Stage III Lymphoma from a $300 a night crack habit and alcoholism 2011-2015
  • Smoking cigarettes, eating entire 16 inch Jimmy Johns subs in one sitting
  • Sick, hurting, broken, possessed by evil spirits just like this man or pastor, we all have them within – Jesus Said, it is not what goes in the man that defiles him, it is what comes out. I have seen things..I know this is truth. I have felt things. I know this is true. And every time we purge the sickness, the impure spirits, the negative energies, the stored traumas, WE FEEL & THINK BETTER. WE LEVEL UP!
  • What if I chose cancer doctors over the Serpent of Light or The Great Physician in its Magnificent Glory? I may be dying of a cancer man gave me through man’s poisons that kill Cells or LIFE.

We Love the LORD with all our hearts, mind, soul and strength. We love our neighbor as ourselves.





Spirit of Truth Native American Church, Headquarters in Ava, MO Constitution

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