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Break the Chains of Shame

Fear of what other people may think is deeply rooted in Shame. How so? Well, if I am concerned about doing or not doing something, thinking or not thinking something based on what others are saying or doing or thinking, then I am not comfortable with SELF and there is something within SELF that would be embarrassed if unapproved of. Let me give you an example. Mom and Dad say, Johnny you must get a college degree. So Johnny then begins to plan how he is going to get into college so that he can then fulfill the prophesy his parents have spoken into his life. Only Johnny is a mechanical loving kinda guy who only enjoys working on cars, engine specifically. Johnny, begin to experience a general anxiety as he progresses closer and closer to high school graduation. He also begins to feel less than because his life, his success is based on getting good enough grades to enroll into college. And because Johnny is not as smart as the other kids (this is what we tell ourselves right?) he feels less than. The first deeply rooted seed is planted, I AM NOT WORTHY!!! I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I AM NOT SMART ENOUGH for College spreading it’s roots to his thoughts about his relationships, ultimately his very own life. Johnny begins to work harder, fail farther down the scale, never measuring up to the First Seed Planted in The Future by his loving parents who were also told the very same thing growing up. Or were not able to achieve, never had the opportunity and now place that “generational curse” or Expectation of Success on to poor ole Johnny and his dreams of becoming a Master Mechanic some day. If he was allowed that is. But you may say, come on, he has a choice, he is old enough to decide what he wants to do for living isn’t he. To that I say, yes, of course, at 18 he can do whatever he wants to do. However, when just 7 years old, mom and dad said You must grow up and get a college degree to be successful. This is the thought that has directed his path in school. It is the same thought that his subconscious mind began devising plans to accomplish. It is the same thought that caused a great divide within his heart, mind and soul for most of his life. It is this thought that he judged himself on, spent time on, dedicated his life to only to never measure up, never become passionate about and deep down KNOW that he will never be able to accomplish as his heart only want to become a Master Mechanic.

ayahuasca bufo mushroom ceremonies alabamaBufo Ceremony Shed The Old Self – Giving Birth to a New Creation in CHRIST.


60,000 thoughts a day they say run through our minds on any given day! That is how many seeds have the potential of being planted and rooted within our hearts and minds. More than ever, it is vital to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being to consciously make a dedicated effort to reconnect with SPIRIT, regain CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS and break the chain of “Obsessive Thought”. You know the Thoughts I am referring to, those that you just have to share even if not listening to what is being said and interrupting the other person’s Thought Process.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be the Observer of your thoughts? What might it feel like to no longer be controlled or propelled to share those Thoughts? ALL THE TIME – INTERUPTING OTHERS – NOT LISTENING – MAKING MISTAKE AFTER MISTAKE BECAUSE OF THIS COMPULSION. You know what I am talking about, that LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD that once jump started never seems to “shut up”. You know that “burning feeling or NEED/DESIRE” that takes us ever so gently out of the present moment that is not really being shared with another Human Being / Child of GOD / GOD EXPRESSING HIMSELF.

For 43 years, I always desired to be more present, more aware, more connected to people in my life. I always wondered, what it must be like to understand that the Thoughts in my mind are not my SPIRIT. They are just thoughts. They come. They go. Some rainbows and unicorns, others dark. What is important is to allow them a backseat until you are ready to let them drive, preferably after going through a Built-in filter / JESUS TEACHINGS of LOVE, compassion and empathy for others.

Now, what about the thoughts of others? What about them? Do you know them? Do you hear them? Do they impact your life in any real and meaningful way or is it your Thoughts About Their Thoughts that is really the main concern here?

Thoughts of others, your own thoughts, if you think about, what is the difference. There is nothing new under the Sun. Everything that has been thought of has at one point, been thought of before by others. The only thing that changes is time and faces. Another person’s thoughts are really no better or worse than anyone else. Some have the courage to share more intimate thoughts about more sensitive areas of life. This opens up the space for others to share their Thoughts about what you have shared. If they agree, it will sound great to you. If they disagree, you may be hurt and negatively affected. That is, IF YOU ARE ATTACHED TO THOUGHT, YOUR OWN THOUGHT. Today, because of Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo, Psilocybin, Hape and San Pedro, my thoughts about your thoughts are almost non-existent when once upon a time all my actions were based around what mom, dad, school, employers, pastors and friends “thought about my SELF”. Therefore is was the value I placed on my own THOUGHTS about YOUR THOUGHTS that dedicated my entire LIFE. Imagine That!

I already did! My entire life, I have been imaging my reality. Creating stories where there were really none to be found. All my life I have living for other people and their thoughts of me. Well, I am here to tell you, there is a solution, a cure to this tormenting, to this cause of great suffering in my life and that of others.

It is Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo, Psilocybin, San Pedro and Hape. That was my prescription from SPIRIT MD. There are many Sacraments that SPIRIT MD uses, these were the Sacred Sacraments that gave birth to a NEW CREATION in CHRIST, a new HIGHEST SELF. One that is not controlled by THOUGHT but is the CREATOR of THOUGHT and the MASTER BUILDER OF MY REALITY. I AM ONE WITH CHRIST. MY HIGHEST SELF. BEST VERSION EVER.



To become the Observer of Thought…SPIRIT used 10 years of Sacred Ayahuasca, Kambo, Psilocybin, Bufo and San Pedro ceremonies to bring about my awakening. Nothing wasted, everything perfect, a DIVINE MASTERPIECE created by a DIVINE CREATOR, FATHER AND MOTHER.

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