ayahuasca church and ayahuasca ceremonies

Some Experiences and What SPIRIT Has Taught Me

Here is what I have experienced and what I believe to be true based on the raised level of consciousness unattached to the controlling mind and or body. Sure I have the flesh, still have the cravings. But myAYAHUASCA CEREMONIES IN AL mind, it is not attached to the real issue, all the judgement, condemnation and years of abusive self talk. When it says, he who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed, I believe that now as Our Great Awakening or entering into Christ-Consciousness or Entering into Relationship with Father/Mother/Spirit. The old man in the sky disappears and the entire universe begins to be felt expanding within, the Kingdom of Heaven is within and although nothing may have changed on the outside, eternity with Father and Mother has begun inside/outside of me/you/us.

ayahuasca church and ayahuasca ceremoniesWe are all here to help each other find The Sacred Healing Way. SPIRIT has been with us our entire lives, but we were blind, forgot, then were programmed and made to stay in this condition, the Human Condition, to suffer, be addicted, depressed, attached to the self/ego/programming. He who the son sets free is free indeed. All things were created for him and through him. Christ-consciousness is your gift. HIS MASTERPIECE, YOUR AWAKENING INTO RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM/SPIRIT/FATHER/MOTHER, it is designed for you! It is the greatest ceremony ever created. He paid the price for you to have this relationship with SPIRIT, the Father, Mother. He knew HIS WAY/HIS MISSION. He knew what it would take for us to AWAKEN. For us all to lay down the labels, the guns, the stigmas. For each of us to help each other awaken to the CHRIST within. For us to encourage one another to break the chains of shame, guilt, remorse and lies. We are free. Free in CHRIST. Free in SPIRIT. We simply must wake up!

alabama ayahuasca ceremonies near meWake up Neo. Wake up. And you will then begin to understand the mental constructs that you have been creating or they have been planting. The movie Inception reveals how we, they, darkness uses seeds to becomes stories which bring about fear, anxiety and worry or the Matrix and it’s creation. False realities. Delusional thinking all day everyday. Missing the present moment and all its glory and wonder. GOD IS ALL. WE ARE GOD. GOD IS US. Some awake and some not. No one better or worse, just all on a path and all working towards our awakening. It is our responsibility to help light the path and or guide the way. That is it. I am not here to convince you of anything. Not trying to convert. Not saying Jesus is the ONLY WAY as HE IS ALL WAYS. ALL ROADS HE/SHE/THEY CREATED AND THEY ALL LEAD TO OUR GREAT AWAKEING OR CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS – RELATIONSHIP WITH SPIRIT

The freedom is in the healing. It is found through The Sacred Healing Way. That is our experience. We love and respect you, your beliefs and you ways of helping people. We are not into proving you right or wrong, justifying our beliefs or actions. We are all free. All God’s children. This is the what we have found.


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