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The Journey Is The Way We Heal – Our Experiences Are Real

Over the past 44 years of my life I have had very profound experiences. When I was 15 years old, I took two doses of LSD and when I was not in this realm I was in another. We were all Ants. Giant ants. They made a movie called Ant Man.

That same journey showed me scorpions forming through the burning of the carpet as well as the floors at McDonalds that looked like waves of the ocean floor. I also had honey combs on my legs as if some hive within me. I remember being in a pool and for just a brief moment breathing like Aqua Man.  I remember jumping like a Lion on all fours on the golf course.  I also remember some force field.

It is important that we journal and keep record of our ceremonies. We are being shown very important thing that may not make sense at the time, however, everything SPIRIT shows us is important and part of our SOUL JOURNEY.

It is important not to judge or discredit what SPIRIT is showing you or taking you through. Because like most of us are taught to think, I too thought to myself this was all just some trip, some hallucinogens. I have learned that our Experiences or Traveling with SPIRIT is as real as any other experience with SPIRIT. I know know that the burning is the poisons and our CELLS. I know now that honey combs are an infestation that needed to be removed from me. I understand that I had to go through The Sacred Healing Way so that I could under these experiences. Today, I know that I am HEALED!


In 2012, I experienced a DMT journey where I was taken through a Worm Hole. I was shown 1000 and WIN WIN WIN. I also seen this beautiful Asian girl which would later become the mother of my two children. After that I was told the name YAMA which I discovered years later was the God of Death in Hinduism. 1000 years of REST. Heaven on Earth is but a Mindset.

In 2015, I experienced Ayahuasca for the first time and I did not purge as most. I purged pure vibrations into the bucket and remember hearing I am purging the sins of the world from me.

I have been told while in SPIRIT or Plant Teacher Medicines that I was a Shaman. I know this to be true as where God leads he also provides and years later at my very first ceremony in Lexington, my only participant came and brought me a Shaman’s cap that she said was made for me. She also brought all the pieces for our very first altar.

Over the past two years, I have been through the worst possible legal situation refusing to take a THC plea despite my children being held hostage in order to enforce this.

I have been before the Serpent of Light and I have seen the two snakes on a pole with one fading away which gives us the WHO or Medical symbol of today. I walked out of the cancer center as I was told “I would go through HELL for these plants but I would always be healed and protected.

I have seen the Face of the Lion and the print version.

Recently, my Goddess danced over me and was dripping Gold and her given name is Lauren “Golden Leaf”

Immediately following this experience, 3 Indians in vision followed by 3 red head wise men who came back to back to back in person for Plant Medicine Ceremonies.

Our experiences are very real and they guide us through what I was told is The Way. I have recently been taken through a Crowning process or Rebirthing 1-1-23 to 9-18-23

I pray that each person finds The Way that will lead them through what the Indians referred to as The Sacred Healing Way and Jesus said was The Way, The Truth and The Life.

When you come to Sacred Space Sanctuary, we understand that SPIRIT is showing you very real images that exist on different frequencies. We trust that SPIRIT is healing you in ways that no man could. We do not judge anyone.

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