Spiritual Experiences Come in Many Forms, As Does Spirit

ayahuasca ceremonies in alabamaThere are times when you hear a story, a testimonial or a spiritual experience of someone that raises your consciousness by opening up new possibilities that defy what we may know as possible. Now, I know that we have always been taught that God is outside of us and that Jesus will be coming down on a cloud, again, outside of us but I am here to tell you, SPIRIT, Universe, You and I, we are all ONE and all within each other through teachings, memories, and SPIRIT that keeps us all together, resonating at this Earth “realm” frequency. However, when you raise that frequency, this is when you begin to “click out” or travel into other realms, meeting Spirit in other forms as I have multiple times over this lifetime. I have been taken above, shown all Math and Science and evolutionary processes, all in a split second and then returned here again. Only this time, on 1-1-23, my hand began to scribe and scribe and scribe piles and piles of notebooks, downloading it and recording it all. I was shown where our language came from, through kings, queens, and tree of evil secret societies that understand this “purgatory” or realm of Spiritual Development into the GOD that you already are and just don’t know or understand yet. Before the OMing or scribing / teaching, I had no idea who I was and yet, I thought after a decade of plant medicines, I surely would have…Not even close to who I am now and what I know about The Way, The Truth and The Life. Please take a moment to read the following article that contains more detailed information about the “Traveling” or “Spiritual Realms” that can be seen, felt and experienced when we raise our vibration or frequency to match that of SPIRIT/CHRIST-Consciousness.

Full Article: Spiritual Rebirthing Through Plant Spirit Teacher Medicines

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